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Why Do Drama?

Studies by the College Board show that students with at least four years of arts have higher SAT scores. Drama and music appreciation students have the highest.

Drama fills a basic need for activity in students. When you get students interested and involved, it translates to better thinking, reading and writing.

The skills a young person develops in drama are the very skills needed for the workplace of the twenty-first century:

“…If someone exhibits good team work, communication, problem solving and creative thinking skills, an employer is thrilled. That is where your drama classes really teach critical future skills.”

- Regina Phillips, Director of Communications, Kentuckiana Works
(Regional Workforce Board)

Drama increases concentration and comprehension. Studies show that children who dramatize stories have higher reading comprehension scores than those who only read the story. (DuPont, 1992).

Drama helps young people develop empathy. Having an arts program in an elementary school is a proven way of building relationships with parents and the school’s community.

Any child can do it and best of all, it’s fun!

What People Say...

"Acting out stories reinforced our children's skills in listening, creativity and critical thinking."
- Geraldine Woods, Arts Coordinator
Louisville Central Community Center

Pre- and Post-Show Workshops
“Yes, absolutely the show workshop was effective!! Students gained more from the production because they were so well prepared.”
- Teacher, St. James

Professional Development Workshops

“This was one of the best professional development workshops ever!”
- Archdiocese Professional Development Summer Institute

Theater Workshops
“Miss Pence, Miss Pence! There was a question about improvisation on the CATS test and I knew the right answer because of Blue Apple!”
- 5th grade male, Jacob Elementary

"In social studies and language arts classes, I now know a lot more and remember information better because of Blue Apple Players."
- 8th grade male, Western Middle

“This student has benefited a great deal during this project. He has developed his reading and listening skills. He has been able to work with other students more than before to finish a project.”
- Shannon Higgins, Teacher at Pitt Academy

Summer Theater Workshop
"She loved it! Everyday she talked about how great it was. Extremely friendly teachers made her feel comfortable right away."
- Parent of participant

"My child loved the workshops. She was able to express herself and her creativity and be appreciated for that expression."
- Parent of participant



Why Do Drama?
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