Blue Apple Players has merged with Walden Theatre to create the region’s most comprehensive theatre conservatory and education provider for young people, their families, schools, and community centers.


But it’s still early days!

Please keep this in mind as you review the programs described throughout this site.


The programs listed here are not a complete reflection of our merged programming, and while we plan to retain most of the excellent programs with which you’re familiar, they are for now intended only to provide examples.


We will be migrating all educational program options from both Blue Apple Players and Walden Theatre to a new website, but until such time we encourage you to use both this site AND Be advised that this site will see little in the way of updates as we concentrate our efforts on combining both companies’ programs on the more robust Walden Theatre web platform. This will make transition to a single website a much more manageable process, and we thank you for your patience as we sort it all out.


We welcome your input and programming inquiries as we assemble a new,  combined resource base to continue meeting your needs and those of your students.

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Paul is acting again!

uncle vanya

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Coming to a school near you!!

3.Pigs  This fall we did one of our all time favorite shows The Three Pigs: The Wild West Will Never Be The Same. This fast paced, wild west version of the classic fairy tale is a great introduction to the literary form of Parody. 46 local schools joined in the fun as the pigs learned the perils of lying, cheating, and stealing. And over 15,000 students became deputies of Cactus City and helped Sheriff John Wolfe make Cactus City a safe place to live again.
We had so much fun touring with this show this past fall that we are going to do it again in the spring! Hooray!

Call us today to schedule this fun and fast paced performance at your school!
502-587-7990 or 800-587-7990

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The last Fund for The Arts 5×5 grant deadline is quickly approaching. Take a look at our programs and be sure to request Blue Apple Players to fulfill your performance and literacy needs.

In-School And After School Programs:

StoryTime                                          (PreK-3rd Grade)                                 40 min $125/ 30 min $100
Join in this lively, interactive storytelling program. Children participate through imagination, sound and movement. Led by two teaching artists, this session encourages active listening, comprehension and language development – all skills vital to early literacy.


Story Craft                                        (1st – 5th Grade)                                  90 min $150/ 60 min $100
Bring a story to life with drama! Story Craft builds active listening through traditional storytelling, and reinforces student’s knowledge of literacy through kinesthetic drama activities. Students take on the roles and create the story’s environment to learn foundational literary elements. This workshop is a great place to start before students begin to write their own stories.


StoryTime Theatre:                          (PreK – 5th Grade)                                                    $500
Our mini-play program featuring an entertaining 30 minute performance with whimsical props and costumes, and a 15 minute educational Question & Answer session. Legends – On The Trail of Daniel Boone  is a lively production that features four professional actors whose comedic retelling of the legends of Daniel Boone delight and entertain audiences of all ages. With a focus on the literary structures of legends, the actors investigate fact vs. folklore. The show encourages students’ creativity by utilizing innovative props and costumes. Through each legend the audience will experience the trials and adventures of one the greatest American frontiersmen! – Now through March 2015.– New Play to premiere in April 2015!


Bullying Behaviors                            (3rd – 12th Grade)                                                       $300 - $500
Designed to engage through self expression, Blue Apple Players guide students through a variety of drama games, confidence building activities, observation exercises, group discussion, creative role play, and practice of proactive responses to bullying. Limit 30 students per session. Call for details


Job Readiness                                    (8th – 12th Grade)                                                       5 hours $500
Skills practiced in drama are the same tools for lifelong success. This workshop series utilizes spontaneous creativity, acting techniques, and observation practices to prepare students for a job interview and behavior in the workplace.


Custom Design (PreK – 12th grade and Adult)                                                                   Call us for pricing
We’ll design a workshop or residency that assists you in helping your students learn. Our custom-designed, interactive workshops will promote learning in any subject you need!


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New Summer Camps!

Blue Apple is excited to partner this summer with Walden Theatre and The Speed Art Museum’s Local Speed. Using exceptional programs created by Blue Apple Players, we are offering new summer fun opportunities.

Enter the world of Jack & the Beanstalk  

A Blue Apple Players residency @ Walden Theatre
Ages: Preschool (ages 3-5) 
Times: 9:30 - noon, Mon - Fri (1 wk.)
Dates: August 4-8
Price: $150 ($50 non-refundable deposit reserves a place) 


Kids help Jack save the day as they climb into an enchanted world of exciting characters and strange happenings! The camp is an interactive adventure filled with activity & problem-solving, as Blue Apple Players Teaching Artists guide kids through the world of pretend. This is experiential creative dramatics at its best - a nurturing environment where social & emotional growth blooms. Participants develop skills in creative expression as they experience the story through movement, music & role play. On the last day we’ll share the story of our adventure with families



Playmaking: Art of The Streets

Meets at Local Speed (822 E. Market St.) 
Ages: 14-18
July 14-182-5pm
Price: $175 

Working together with theatre professionals and art educators, The Playmaking: Art of the Streets camp will allow teens to expand their skills at art appreciation and the practice of theatre by creating & performing an original scene based on artworks in Local Speed Art of the Streets poster exhibition. This integrated approach to art and theatre is a challenging new way for teens to participate in the arts while cultivating interdisciplinary problem solving skills. And as a bonus, the culminating performance will be featured during the Fridayafternoon of the exhibition!


Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these summer camps. We can be reached at502-587-7990 or call Walden Theatre at 502-589-0084.
Click here to view info on these and other summer camps with Walden Theatre.


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Walden Theatre, Blue Apple Players Plan to Merge

Will Create Region’s Most Comprehensive Theatre Conservatory, Education Provider


Two respected non-profit arts organizations, Walden Theatre and Blue Apple Players, plan to merge their organizations before year’s end to become the region’s most comprehensive theatre conservatory and education provider for school children, their families and teachers.

The organizations’ boards on Monday adopted resolutions expressing their “intent to merge” and directed committees, staff and consultants to work through Spring and Summer 2014 on the details of the proposed merger.

“Our goal is to serve more children, more families, more teachers and more schools with the high quality of programming we’re known for,” said Michele Koch, chairwoman of the Walden Theatre board of directors, and Tanner Watkins, chairman of the Blue Apple Players board of directors. “Merger will allow us to maximize the financial, artistic and educational strengths of the two organizations to reach our goal.”

The two organizations each have financial strengths that make them a good fit, Koch and Watkins said. The merged organization will have a more diversified revenue stream and an annual budget approaching $1 million, which will help attract broader local and national financial support.

Walden Theatre is a cultural partner of the Fund for the Arts, and Blue Apple Players has received grants from the Fund to support education projects in schools and community centers.

While the merger will produce some efficiencies, the intent is to invest any financial savings in expansion of services, according to the two board chairs.

Walden Theatre and Blue Apple Players, two organizations born months apart in 1976, have been working closely together for nearly a decade – collaborating on productions, training, fund development and arts advocacy. Both organizations have talented staffs, strong board members, committed donors and supporters and long histories of quality programming.

“We share a proud history of developing generations of collaborative, empathetic, confident, and creative young people using the power of drama education,” Watkins and Koch said. “Together, we will honor that legacy by continuing to provide a strong foundation in arts education for generations of children to come.”

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Psychic reading can be a fun way of introducing your students to tarot cards, critical thinking and the art of storytelling. We have a team of psychic readers who are specially trained and experienced working with younger children. To get a better idea about these sessions and what you can expect booking an in-person session feel free to check out some free psychic reading online

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